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5 Startups Changing the Way Women Think About Their Periods

dfb3e99b_tumblr_nlbm4njhyc1sn0z5fo2_500-xxxlarge“Feminine care may be a $15 billion industry, but it hasn’t changed all that much in the last few decades. Take the modern tampon, which has been on the market since the mid-1930s. Its biggest innovation: moving from a cardboard to plastic applicator.

As other industries evolve at lightning speed, the taboo nature of menstrual periods has stunted the development of new products for more than 80 years.

But that’s changing.”

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A Special Emergency Edition of Woke Baes: This Male Tampon Ally


“I’m not going to lie, the month of March has not been good to my Woke Bae endeavor. There were plenty of Baes but they be sleep. However, like the menstruation mensch of my dreams, our Male Tampon Ally has appeared like a uterus-loving messiah and he is woke as hell, y’all.”

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Is Toxic Shock Syndrome on the Rise Among Young Women?


“In the past year, we’ve written a lot about TSS, the infection caused by a strain of staph bacteria carried by 33 percent of the population. Tampons made with synthetic materials can create an ideal breeding ground for the staph to multiply and attack the body like a ‘D-Day invasion on Omaha Beach,’ as one researcher told me last fall. For an illness that’s long been considered an epidemic of the 80s, there have been a lot of stories lately of women sent to the hospital due to the infection; in Michigan, the recent cases have even been called a ‘TSS outbreak.'”

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Obama Weighs in on Tampon Tax


“President Barack Obama has weighed in on the controversial tampon tax just days after the year of the period came to a close. YouTube star Ingrid Nilson asked the president why 40 states in the U.S. continue to levy a sales tax on feminine hygiene products as if they are luxury goods. ‘I don’t know anyone who would say periods are a luxury,’ she said. ”

marie claire

Why the age you get your period matters — for the rest of your life


A Girl Gets Her Period And Is Banished To The Shed: #15Girls

Kamala in front of her menstruation shed. Jane Greenhalgh/NPR
Kamala in front of her menstruation shed. Jane Greenhalgh/NPR

“‘She’s scared we are going to beat her,’ Shrestha says. ‘Because stepping on to the porch would break a menstrual taboo.'”


The World’s Only Menstruation Museum was Owned by a… Man?

menstruation museum owned by a man vice Harry Finley

“Finley didn’t mean for it to become anything at first—it was just a hobby, the way some people collect Beanie Babies or Pokémon cards. But eventually, the collection became so large that he thought to himself, I’ve got all of this stuff. Why shouldn’t there be a museum to show it off?


Free Flow in Period Underwear

No pad, no tampon. Just panties. AND I BOUGHT THEM. You’re welcome.


Period-Obsessed Tween Opens a New Chapter in Great Menstrual Marketing


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