Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Testicles


“Balls, cojones, nuts, your local sidekicks, bollocks, nads, family jewels – whatever you call them, testicles are very important and so is their well-being. April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, so to get into the spirit of all things ballsy, here’s a quick guide on how to keep your balls nice and healthy, along with some facts that show just how special testicles are.”

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Breast cancer tumours killed in 11 days with ‘staggering’ new therapy


“The UK study involved women suffering from one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer – HER2 positive – who were given a combination of two targeted drugs.

Almost nine in 10 women showed some response to the treatment – meaning the number of cancer cells began to fall. In one in four cases, the powerful cocktail saw tumors shrink significantly, and in some cases totally vanish.”

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Is Toxic Shock Syndrome on the Rise Among Young Women?


“In the past year, we’ve written a lot about TSS, the infection caused by a strain of staph bacteria carried by 33 percent of the population. Tampons made with synthetic materials can create an ideal breeding ground for the staph to multiply and attack the body like a ‘D-Day invasion on Omaha Beach,’ as one researcher told me last fall. For an illness that’s long been considered an epidemic of the 80s, there have been a lot of stories lately of women sent to the hospital due to the infection; in Michigan, the recent cases have even been called a ‘TSS outbreak.'”

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Obama Weighs in on Tampon Tax


“President Barack Obama has weighed in on the controversial tampon tax just days after the year of the period came to a close. YouTube star Ingrid Nilson asked the president why 40 states in the U.S. continue to levy a sales tax on feminine hygiene products as if they are luxury goods. ‘I don’t know anyone who would say periods are a luxury,’ she said. ”

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Must-Know Facts About the Most Common Cause of Stinky Hoo-Ha

“It’s called Bacterial Vaginosis, and it’s a bitch.”



10 Thoughts Before Actually Getting Checked for STIs

1.  Wow what a fun night!  But ugh, needs water, and orange juice, and french fries, on top of pizza, and deep-fry it all together. Yum.  I used protection, right? Yup, pretty sure I did.  After all, I’m a responsible adult who is extremely responsible and what not.  Now where’s my phone?  I need to ask Domino’s if they can deep-fry me a pizza.

2.  Wholly shit!  Toilet?!  Where’s the toilet?! I need to vom!!!! Jk, false alarm.  Deep-fried pizza not recommended.  Body hurts.  Head hurts!  I wanna die!!!  Sleep needs to happen, but I have so much work to do!  Wait, did I use protection?  Yeah I did.  But what if he has herpes of the mouth?  Will contemplate later as I might die now. Continue reading “10 Thoughts Before Actually Getting Checked for STIs”

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