Two Kids, An IUD, and Then, An Abortion


“A couple of Fridays ago, I walked my older son to school and then my younger son to daycare. Then I crossed over the ice-and-salt encrusted overpass to the metro station and headed downtown. As I emerged back up onto the street, I checked my phone and enjoyed a little lift of triumph. Getting places a bit early or exactly on time is one of my small pleasures. It means all my systems are humming just right. That morning, I was five minutes early for my appointment to have an abortion.”

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The Real Problem with the CDC’s “Drinking too much” Infographic

If a woman drinks when she is pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, her child could end up with severe mental and physical disabilities due to alcohol exposure.  This is a reality, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in an effort to help inform the public about the risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), produced an infographic saying as much.


The media, of course, had a field day with this infographic, and turned a poster about the risks of drinking for women into a campaign against women drinking unless they are on birth control.  I have studied this infographic extensively, and nowhere on the poster does the CDC ever suggest that only women who practice safe sex can drink.

There is still a problem with the CDC’s approach to informed drinking and safe sexual practices though.  It all falls on the woman! Continue reading “The Real Problem with the CDC’s “Drinking too much” Infographic”

Oral contraceptives don’t increase risk of birth defects


“Oral contraceptives taken just before or during pregnancy do not increase the risk of birth defects, according to a new study by researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Statens Serum Institut in Denmark.”


Charlie Sheen Opens up About HIV

“It’s a hard three letters to absorb,” admits Charlie Sheen during his TODAY interview with Matt Lauer.  Sheen found out he was HIV positive four years ago after ending up in a hospital, extremely ill, believing he was dying of a brain tumor.  Since his diagnosis, Sheen has always been honest with partners about his condition and uses protection, but many of these partners appallingly blackmailed Sheen for money to keep quiet.

10 Thoughts Before Actually Getting Checked for STIs

1.  Wow what a fun night!  But ugh, needs water, and orange juice, and french fries, on top of pizza, and deep-fry it all together. Yum.  I used protection, right? Yup, pretty sure I did.  After all, I’m a responsible adult who is extremely responsible and what not.  Now where’s my phone?  I need to ask Domino’s if they can deep-fry me a pizza.

2.  Wholly shit!  Toilet?!  Where’s the toilet?! I need to vom!!!! Jk, false alarm.  Deep-fried pizza not recommended.  Body hurts.  Head hurts!  I wanna die!!!  Sleep needs to happen, but I have so much work to do!  Wait, did I use protection?  Yeah I did.  But what if he has herpes of the mouth?  Will contemplate later as I might die now. Continue reading “10 Thoughts Before Actually Getting Checked for STIs”

Why the age you get your period matters — for the rest of your life


Sex Can be Funny

After becoming pregnant, Jessica Biel realized just how much she didn’t know about sex, contraceptives, and the female body in general.  To encourage sexy body talk and help others learn about sex stuff, Biel teamed up with comedian Whitney Cummings, actress Joy Bryant, and Saundra Pelletier of WomenCare Global to teach sex-ed the fun way!  Check out their videos in the link below. Continue reading “Sex Can be Funny”

I Struggled for Years With Unbearable Periods Before I Was Properly Diagnosed

Laura Studarus Cosmopolitan girl

“I was called a faker and told that I was obsessed with my period. But my condition was real and ruining my life.”


Teen Girls Give the Best Dating Advice On This Period Tracking App

myPill period tracker screen shot

“The price is probably not worth it for the main pill reminder feature—just set a regular alarm!—but it pays for itself considering how much good advice from teen girls is on there.”


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