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How It Feels When the Person You Love Has Depression



“I used to joke that only men with depression were attracted to me. It was the only experience I’d had, every long-term boyfriend and even the short-term flings. I’d never dated anyone who hadn’t been on antidepressants, or spent time in a psychiatrist’s office. That dark, brooding, introspective type: It draws me in.”

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STIs, Shame, and the Sabbath: What It’s Like to Learn About Sex as an Orthodox Jew


“I first learned about sex in the bathroom of my co-ed yeshiva day school when I was eight. While we huddled around an automatic hand drier, two of my kippa-wearing, tzizit-wielding friends told me roughly what happens when a man masturbates: “You rub your dick a lot and then white stuff shoots out!” I listened in horror, unsure if they were joking. I was too scared to ask my parents or teachers and embarrassed to ask my friends to clarify; I wouldn’t hear about sex from my teachers until I was nearly 13.”

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This Man Gets Paid to Help Women Enjoy Sex

Larry Villarin is one of only ten certified male sex surrogates in the country—meaning he has sex with clients to help them cope with their fears and anxieties about physical intimacy.


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Here’s What It’s Like When Mental Illness Affects A Relationship

“We’re told that love conquers all. But sometimes antidepressants help, too.”


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I Jumped Off the Golden Gate Bridge

Buzzfeed is hosting a Mental Health Week (which conveniently coincides with finals week around the country), and is releasing some insightful and touching videos. Kevin tells the story of trying to commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, and miraculously surviving. His is a story of hope and recovery, “The millisecond my hands left the rail, it was an instant regret. And I remember thinking no one is going to know that I didn’t want to die.”

Sarah Silverman and Depression

Check out the new movie, I Smile Back, starring Sarah Silverman.  Silverman may be a comic, but this movie is anything but funny.  Silverman, who has suffered from depression since the age of 13, brings a raw touch to a riveting performance.

“I can only speak from my own experience, and I would say that the depression I experienced feels like a chemical change.  When it came over me, when it comes over me, it feels like it’s coming over me like a flu. You ever just sit … and you’re fine and the next moment you just go, ‘Oh, Jesus, I have the flu.'” –Silverman

Why is Anorexia so Hard to Treat?

“Anorexia is notoriously difficult to treat and a new study may have discovered why.”blonde woman staring off into distance blue sky building leather jacket


It’s Time to Talk About Mental Health Outside of Massive Shootings

Check out John Oliver’s important and enlightening video about the availability, or lack there of, of mental health services in the US.

What it’s Like to Feel Lonely

Being alone can be good sometimes, but feeling lonely always sucks.  Don’t let that inside shy ghost stop you from having fun this weekend.  Go out, try something new, and meet new people!!!

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