November 2015

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explains Sex in Space

Because sometimes, you just need an astrophysicist’s expertise on how to have sex without gravity.  “You need things like straps… There are probably some people who are fully equipped with this anyway.” –Tyson

Charlie Sheen Opens up About HIV

“It’s a hard three letters to absorb,” admits Charlie Sheen during his TODAY interview with Matt Lauer.  Sheen found out he was HIV positive four years ago after ending up in a hospital, extremely ill, believing he was dying of a brain tumor.  Since his diagnosis, Sheen has always been honest with partners about his condition and uses protection, but many of these partners appallingly blackmailed Sheen for money to keep quiet.

10 Thoughts Before Actually Getting Checked for STIs

1.  Wow what a fun night!  But ugh, needs water, and orange juice, and french fries, on top of pizza, and deep-fry it all together. Yum.  I used protection, right? Yup, pretty sure I did.  After all, I’m a responsible adult who is extremely responsible and what not.  Now where’s my phone?  I need to ask Domino’s if they can deep-fry me a pizza.

2.  Wholly shit!  Toilet?!  Where’s the toilet?! I need to vom!!!! Jk, false alarm.  Deep-fried pizza not recommended.  Body hurts.  Head hurts!  I wanna die!!!  Sleep needs to happen, but I have so much work to do!  Wait, did I use protection?  Yeah I did.  But what if he has herpes of the mouth?  Will contemplate later as I might die now. Continue reading “10 Thoughts Before Actually Getting Checked for STIs”

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