September 2015

Free Flow in Period Underwear

No pad, no tampon. Just panties. AND I BOUGHT THEM. You’re welcome.


Til it Happens to You

Check out Lady Gaga’s new haunting and moving music video for her song, Til it Happens to You.  Gaga drives at an issue that prevents many people from taking the statistic that one in five women will be sexually assaulted this year seriously Continue reading “Til it Happens to You”

Period-Obsessed Tween Opens a New Chapter in Great Menstrual Marketing


Almost in Like

You're the Worst

I just started dating again, and met this great guy. He’s everything the adorable, romantic, respectful, accomplished male lead in a rom-com is supposed to be, and I almost like him. We’ve been seeing each other a little over a month, and it kills me that I’m not head-over-heels by now.

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Walk of Shame? Not for Amber Rose

25 Groups that Work with Rape Victims Think the Safe Campus Act is Terrible

“People who work with sexual assault victims slam the proposal as ‘colossally stupid legislation.'”


Men Explain Tampons

Kristen Stewart Opens up About Anxiety, Pressure, and Love

Kristen Stewart silver dress

“When you love something, you get to know it. Then you feel the ownership and if it changes, you only love it as far as you know it because then you’re like, ‘What is this?’ I think maybe the key to having a long relationship is really appreciating that person’s life and not trying to own it.”

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For Students with Mental Health Issues, Transition to College is Complicated

graduation student abstract wrecking ball yellow

“It’s a stressful time for any family, but consider this: For the growing number of students dealing with mental health issues, it can be a terrifying transition. Sometimes, it raises the question: Is college really an option?”


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